Monday, 16 July 2007

5 top detox tips

I’m eagerly awaiting the Detox book I ordered from Amazon called The Detox Cook: Over 100 Blissful Detoxing Recipes.

In it from what I’ve seen browsing through it in a bookshop is the promise of wholesome, fulfilling recipes, easy to prepare but without forfeiting the actual enjoyment of eating. I’ve always found dieting painful. Cut out this and that. For the most part, I feel I have cut out a lot.

When I see my friends or people generally tucking into a slice of rich chocolate cake laced with ice cream, or enjoying a plain Mr Whippy ice cream generally, I think to myself how! How can they eat like that and still have washboard stomachs??

I’ve decided to impart my tips on getting slimmer which I feel have contributed to my gradual weight loss. These, in my book are the top five:

Squeeze lemon into hot water and drink a cup every morning.

Take milk thistle or a kidney, liver detox complex for about a week or two. Good health food shops like Planet Organic or the Organic Pharmacy do a good one.

Cut out wheat for a week and see how less bloated and fat you feel. Good carb substitutes are brown rice, quinoa (similar to couscous), buckwheat (acquired taste) and millet (again very much an acquired taste). Treat each of these grains like a rice accompaniment. Try not to eat grains or wheat in the evening. Have a portion of vegetables instead – complex carbs are better to digest in the evening.

Eat fruits not loaded with sugar: apples, pears, strawberries, blueberries. Mangos and melons, delicious as they are, should be eaten sparingly.

Fifth most obvious tip is drink more water. Aim for 1.5 litres at least every day. If water is not your thing, break your intake down. Have a smaller bottle on your desk, so psychologically you don’t think, my don’t I have a lot of water to drink! Go to the water cooler and fill up three times at least.

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