Thursday, 12 July 2007

Pret Detox Delights

I was pleasantly surprised to see today for the first time in the super healthy lunch eatery, Pret, a drink labelled 'Yoga Detox Bunny - Liquid Psychiatry'. Just how someone came up with a fangdangled name is beyond my comprehension. But as a sucker for any new detox consumables on the market, I bought this can partly out of curiosity, partly out of bemusement, a healthy substitute for Diet Coke which I hasten to add have never been partial to. Whenever I gulp such detox goodies, I anticipate the effect it will have on my bodily functions. Yoga Bunny Detox balanced with ginseng (will wake me up from a work-induced sleepiness) and echinacea (aimed at quashing colds) will stem my explosive sneezing fits.

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