Sunday, 23 December 2007

Wavering Happily at 9 stone

9 stone it is. 9 stone it has been over the past few weeks despite the odd indulgence in champagne and prosecco (my taste buds new found discovery) and mince-pies. To avoid the whole spirit of eating and the party season would have left me feeling miserable. I was able to look good at the all-important office party which was probably the highlight of the year. It was a very glamorous affair, champagne flowed and replenished thirsty office workers' glasses, the clinking of glasses to toasts.

Here are my top tips to maintaining your weight during the party season:

Sit still, close your eyes before you go to a party and visualise yourself in your party dress, slim and attractive, enjoying yourself, drinking, dancing and chatting away.

Take time over getting ready. Leave yourself half a day if necessary. If you are going from work, mentally prepare yourself at lunchtime about the evening's entertainment ahead. Try not to fret, instead focus on getting excited.

Enjoy getting ready, put on your clothes with love, do your hair and make-up afterwards, smile while you put your make-up on, your attractiveness will shine through when you are ready for the party to commence.

Friday, 7 December 2007

The pre-Xmas binge

I always find that the festive season is full of contradiction. On one hand, you have to steer away from the mince pies, stodge and booze to maintain your hour-glass figure, which face it has only taken a few months to achieve with all that compulsive-obsessive dieting. Party season goes into full swing and it's a really is a very taxing balancing act to keep your GI in check and still be seen to join in all the spirited fun and not be a party pooper.

Top pre-Xmas tips to avoid the inevitable binge:

When offered a mince pie, or a delectably pretty (fattening) cup cake as I was offered today, decline politely. Look at the offending sweet delicacy squarely and say to yourself, I ain't defeated.

Stick to one glass of white sparkling wine, sip slowly, don't gulp. The wine will last longer. Be creative, think of over-exaggerated stories to tell while you sip away, join in on the office banter, most of all relax. Remember one glass no more, the pounds will stay off. Think I am going to stay slim for the party season.