Friday, 7 December 2007

The pre-Xmas binge

I always find that the festive season is full of contradiction. On one hand, you have to steer away from the mince pies, stodge and booze to maintain your hour-glass figure, which face it has only taken a few months to achieve with all that compulsive-obsessive dieting. Party season goes into full swing and it's a really is a very taxing balancing act to keep your GI in check and still be seen to join in all the spirited fun and not be a party pooper.

Top pre-Xmas tips to avoid the inevitable binge:

When offered a mince pie, or a delectably pretty (fattening) cup cake as I was offered today, decline politely. Look at the offending sweet delicacy squarely and say to yourself, I ain't defeated.

Stick to one glass of white sparkling wine, sip slowly, don't gulp. The wine will last longer. Be creative, think of over-exaggerated stories to tell while you sip away, join in on the office banter, most of all relax. Remember one glass no more, the pounds will stay off. Think I am going to stay slim for the party season.

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