Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A week of Hob-Nobbing

Oh if only McVities Hob Nobs were a low fat, even better, no fat food. Last week, sheer boredom and mild weather-induced depression led me to snack every night for a week on hob nobs. At the beginning of the week, I allowed myself one hob nob. Tuesday night I increased my intake to two hob nobs. I can't say I was eating five hob nobs on Friday night but my sudden love for hob nobs, this insane eating behaviour was alarming for me. Still I didn't curb the hob nob pattern until the weekend when I discovered the pounds I had shed after weeks of eating sensibly were slowly but surely piling on. Love handles, bat wings, hipsters, thunder thighs you name all return in full force. I guess it's back to subsistence eating again.

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