Thursday, 2 August 2007

Edamame beans vs Crisps

I can safely say I have discovered an alternative to a junk food: crisps. For years, my body was a temple. No crisps, no cake, no chocolate and certainly no sweets. What a boring life I must have led, I hear most of you cry. Without a doubt, my body was at the peak of health. Back in those days I was a Bikram yoga fanatic which had a dramatic impact on my eating habits. As I was exercising in a ludicrously hot 100 degree sauna room, I could not cope with having too much body fat. In fact, during those four years I must have lived on a liquid diet of carrot and apple juice with a shot of wheatgrass and water. I soon dropped Bikram yoga after hearing whispers among the yoga camp that too much Bikram was bad for your skin. Dehydration and crinkly skin didn't appeal. So for aesthetic reasons I abandoned this hard-core yoga in favour of something gentler. I found a wonderful class, the teacher was lovely, it was a beautiful space to practice: a huge yoga space created by an indoor pool and sweeping wooden walls which cascaded up to slanted windows. It was yoga bliss until one day I attempted the headstand with the teacher's help. She dropped my legs a little too early and I fell sideways on my neck. I fell out of love with yoga for a while after that.

So onto the glory of edamame beans. I can truly triumph the crispy sweet, nuttiness of edamame beans. Definitely try them out. A great healthy alternative to crisps. I can safely say I won't be eating another packet of cheese and onion in a hurry.

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