Friday, 4 January 2008

Diet Drinks vs Full Fat drinks

Do diet versions of fizzy drinks make you believe you are not consuming that much sugar? I've been to see various nutritionists, including the UK's Food Doctor nutritionists, who say that diet drinks are full of sweeteners and give people the illusion of consuming less sugar.

Diet drink tip: avoid them if you can. Sweeteners play havoc with your blood sugar levels. Better to drink fruit juices - full fat like the Innocent smoothies/juices or Ocean Spray cranberry juice, a bit tart in taste but very good for you or pomegranate juice which seems to be the superfood of the moment.

If possible cut out diet drinks, especially fizzy ones completely from your diet. For those addicted to them and feel they can't do without, try drinking the new V-waters, a bit expensive but do the trick in terms of fizz and sugar but good sugar, because there aren't any sweeteners.

Pret's Pomegranate Power or Elderflower water does wonders too and great for glowing skin.

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