Saturday, 2 June 2007

Cravings for all food naughty and nice

I checked my profile in the glass work lift and thought to myself okay stomach not looking like a muffin top. Not quite a duck profile yet so there's hope for me. This morning I gulped down a murky mud brown liquid conconction of milk thistle, Organic Pharmacy's liver and kidney complex and a natural liv complex. Whether I should have all in one I don't know but I thought to myself at the end of the day it's all herbal and there aren't any nasty pesticides or anything artificial. When I arrived at work, the thoughts that plagued my brain were of buttery, crunchy French croissants. I ended up wandering towards the cafe and was greeted with a sight of croissants; filled cheese and tomato croissants, ham and mushroom croissants, mushroom fuillets. I opted for the lowest fat 'detox' option, convincing myself that hey, a plain croissant is not that bad. It's not as if I eat them every day! What a mistake. I bit into it and my tastebuds collapsed with disappointment with the dry (probably a day old) croissant. I compensated for the rest of the morning by drinking 20 odd polystyrene cups of hot water. Lunchtime with a couple of colleagues, the subject of chocolate reared its ugly head while I munched wistfully on my wheat-free/buckwheat pasta salad. My willpower waned and on my way back to my desk I passed the cafe and ordered a rich choco-loco cake, laced with a dark chocolate icing. Yum I was going to enjoy this. And boy I did. I loved it. As I polished off the triangular cake slab I was in heaven! Once again I had good intentions, started off well but descended into food chaos.

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