Saturday, 2 June 2007

Starting off with good intentions

I thought detoxing on a budget would be easy. That eau natural attempt we all aim for should be simple. Truth is detoxing when you have over time become accustomed to eating the odd slab of cake, chocolate bar has made my intentions to detox even harder. I used to have the will of an ox; chewing fornlorly on nuts and seeds between meals and eating healthily. My DIY detox started officially today, treating my body to small helpings of almonds. Yee-ay. I'm probably alright in visible proportions but at 9 stone and a petite frame at 5 foot 2 I'm beginning to feel like an elephant. Hence, the detox. I wake up forcing myself to say the mantra 'love yourself and you shall stay slim' but when a plumpy figure stares back at me in the mirror I end up scolding myself for getting plumpy in the first place. I'm one of those gals who's tried virtually everything from personal trainers to gulping down concoctions of vile herbal infusions that claim to cleanse your liver and kidneys. It worked in the past...I ate meagre proportions. Now I just want to enjoy food.

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