Saturday, 2 June 2007

Tempted to eat cake

I opened my eyes this morning with renewed enthusiasm, gulped down my herbal detox concoction and a dribble of Innocent blueberry smoothie which is very yummy I must say, no sugar, just a total pleasurable fruit experience. I walked into work however thinking, croissant, mushroom fuillet, managed to steer myself from the fattening cafe and purposefully strode into the tea bar where there is more of selection of healthier brekkie delights, namely muller yoghurts and a cooked breakfast. I settled for a wholemeal scone and matchstick size square of butter (not margerine as recommended by one of the top nutritionists I had seen about six months ago). Apparently going reduced fat or low sugar does no good because products are often loaded with sweeteners or other stimulants. Better to eat the real thing but smaller amounts of it. Off to a fairly good start. Lunch was a healthy quinoa and cashew nut salad from the crush bar and another mini salad of chickpeas and beetroot. Come afternoon teatime, someone in the office had brought in a selection of Tescos cakes; choco-loco (surprisingly didn't go down a treat), a sweet delicious lemon cake and a coffee/caramel cake. I was encouraged to eat a slice or two. I politely ate one lemon slice. Bang goes my detox again.

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