Sunday, 10 June 2007

Second attempt at the Beach Body Diet

I woke up this morning with raving thoughts about the second instalment of the Sunday Times Beach Body Diet. I made a special effort to get down to the shops to buy the sunday paper partly in eagerness, partly out of guilt because I felt I needed to make up for my half-baked attempt at detoxing last week.

I had started off well with my version of the Beach Body Diet. I don't eat chicken or other meat. Fish I will eat and I suppose there's tofu. But by mid week I was a little deflated. Getting organised, buying organic (as I always do) and keeping it fresh remains a problem.

Normally I'm very active, but with my self-inflicted sprained ankle injury I haven't been able to do as much exercise as I would have liked. I can't even say that I was doing any dramatic somersault or injured myself in a fiercely competitive girls football match. I simply got injured walking along to work one fine morning looking up and admiring the trees.

I am fortunate enough to live opposite a Virgin Active Gym. If that isn't incentive enough to exercise then what is! In truth, I have never kidded myself out of exercising. I wouldn't say I'm a die-hard gym babe, because the results on my physique don't quite show but with a dogged determination I do work out so to speak. My mantra when exercising is this will get me to the slim waif like shape I seem to think I can aspire to.

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