Saturday, 30 June 2007

Feeling disheartened from my bold detox efforts

I'm beginning to feel disheartened. Three weeks ago I had a goal, a target to lose a couple of pounds a week. Three weeks later I feel like I'm still carrying a tonne of weight around my middle. Still I feel the weight is very slow to come off. I'm being very religious about what I eat. Watching episodes of Diet Doctors has made me very conscious of what I put in my mouth. If I visited any nutrionist, diet doctor now they would be amazed at my food diary. It gleams of good wholesome food, brownie points, gold stars all round and yet there is no physical, visible evidence of what my dogged efforts have amounted to. It's been a laborious recovery, but my sprained ankle is returning to normal so I'm keen to take up some entertaining activity, not the loathesome gym. Perhaps a spot of dancing, pilates, who knows.

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